What is Wedding Cinematography

Wedding cinematography is a relatively new term that popped up in recent years to highlight the change of style in filming weddings. By itself wedding cinematography utilises the same techniques and equipment used in the movie industry. Like a director in the movie industry, by taking breathtaking and unique shots of your wedding day, we deliver wedding films with a unique story line.

As defined in Wikipedia:

The term is defined as making a movie or film. Within the wedding videography industry it has taken on the following meaning: It is captured and edited for the dramatic effect and mood. It is usually presented with a particular style and “wow” effect that may not be present in a “mere documentary” of the event.

Wedding Cinematography VS Wedding Videography

Wedding cinematography is different than classic wedding videography. Wedding Cinematography is an art form that the wedding cinematography masters. He understands the story between the couple, uses special equipment such as aerial videography (drone), glidecam or gimbals, slow motion and audio to capture the emotions of the wedding and the wedding couple to tell a unique story. The wedding highlights you see on our blog are shot with a cinematic wedding style

Wedding videographers on the other hand are more like journalists, documenting the wedding and mixing the images or videos with normal music and text.

The storylines of true wedding cinematographers are surprising, varied, dynamic and full of emotion.

All of us have watched a long, boring wedding video of our parents.

Why should you choose us as your wedding cinematographer

We’ve have had more than 8 years of weddings and have developed a unique and personal touch that is truly our own that no company has. We blend in story, motion and audio to create a compelling cinematic highlights that is there to last a lifetime.

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